What To Do If You Like Crossbow Hunting

March 20, 2017

Crossbow Target

If you like crossbow hunting, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a crossbow if you don’t have one already. Thankfully for you, even though you might think it’s expensive, the fact of the matter is that it crossbows are actually relatively cheap. And you only need to do a quick search on Amazon to know that the typical crossbow, and by typical we mean basic, can cost only less than $100. If that is not in the realm of affordable, we do not know what is.

Of course, there are crossbows that cost hundreds of dollars, and even thousands of dollars. The most expensive crossbow we found is at $5,000 ($5422.23 to be exact) on Amazon. The big difference in price does make you think what’s the difference that makes the difference between a low-priced item and a high-priced one.

Apparently, it has everything to do with the carbon. A crossbow that costs thousands of dollars apparently is made with ten-point carbon. For hunters that mean that the crossbow is a Mercedes Benz and is more durable than crossbows that cost less than $100. Still, for us, the kind of crossbow you get is nothing compared to the skills you need to acquire to earn the title “crossbow hunter”. In other words, it’s not what you got, it’s how you use it. If you are not able to use your crossbow with accuracy, spending thousands of dollars will definitely sound like a waste of money.
The thing about crossbows is that they are basically like rifle guns. You take aim with the mounted telescope and you hold it with a firm hand. Hopefully, you have had enough practice to be able to accurate shoot at a target.

Crossbows are mostly used in hunting wild animals. Crossbow hunting has been a major leisure sport. People would camp at the different designated hunting grounds (with government permit) and then hunt wild boar and other animals.

What makes crossbow hunting better than a rifle? We think there is really not much of a difference. But that’s just us talking, and we are NOT the best people to make an assessment. But looking at the pictures on Google Images and viewing videos on Youtube, you get the sense that the hunters prefer crossbows because they have a more, shall we say, romantic feel to them. Apparently, there is no romance in shooting a deer or a boar with a bullet.

In any case, whether or not you are hunting with a crossbow or with a rifle, this does not exempt you from following the law when it comes to wildlife hunting. There are hunting grounds out there that put a limit on how many animals you can shoot. And there are other rules that can directly impact (read: make your hunting expedition boring). That said, as you are getting a permit, make sure that you read the rules on hunting in the area.