Suitable Stocking Stuffers For Anyone: Five Helpful Ideas To Make The Holidays Merrier

November 22, 2016
3 Christmas Stocking

3 Christmas Stocking

When you have a stocking to stuff for the holidays, ideas can be hard to come by, especially if the recipient is difficult to buy things for. While you’d think stocking stuffers are the easy part of purchasing presents due to their small size, the opposite is often true.

Here are five helpful ideas for stuffing just about anyone’s stocking with good cheer:

1. Money, Money, Money!

If the person you’re buying for is really, really impossible, consider giving them a certain amount of cash. Adults aren’t as easily pleased as children when it comes to money, so you’re likely going to have to hand over a good amount of cash, but this gift is sure to please even Scrooge-type people and it easily fits into an envelope which you can slip into a holiday stocking.

2. Gift Cards For Goodies

There’s nearly nobody who wouldn’t enjoy a gift card for some store, be it their favorite coffee shop or movie theater and nowadays, every retailer is offering the cards either online or in-person. Don’t feel intimidated by anyone who is difficult to buy gifts for, get them a convenient card, instead.

3. Something Healthy For The Holidays

A bag of Himalayan Black Tea from Ten Thousand Villages, for example, would be a kind and interesting gift for someone who is health-conscious on your list, or for someone who should start learning to relax more. Teas from around the world are quaint and make nice stocking stuffer ideas, because you can really customize your choices down to flavor, purpose and packaging.

The Ten Thousand Villages website has plenty of variety and the prices make getting samples for anyone on your list really easy. They also have other healthy and thoughtful gift ideas, such as natural soaps or books on yoga. Particularly if someone on your list is so up on things that they already seem to have it all, a site offering unique and tasteful options should be just what you need to complete your shopping easily and from the comfort of your own home or office.

4. Practical Items With A Personalized Touch

Pens, stationary, cooking utensils or wash clothes are all practical and see a lot of use by people, but you could go the extra mile and have such items monogrammed for someone on your list, making the presents extra personal and special. Anything they tend to use frequently that would fit into a stocking should work and having their initials sewn or stamped in is an extra thoughtful touch they’ll appreciate.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry shopping can meet the criteria for nearly anyone on your list, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers. It can range in price from five or 10 dollars to upwards of astronomical figures. Jewelry is also appropriate for acquaintances, whom you could buy birthstone earrings for, or those close to you, where more valuable and sentimental pieces would be appropriate.

Don’t get hung up on stocking stuffers; use these five helpful ideas and add your own creativity to the mix. Wrap the stuffers with shimmering paper, add a bow and you’re bound to make the holidays merrier for everyone on your list.