Researching Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis

October 13, 2016
Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis

I have severe arthritis that started when I was in my 20s. Over the years it has gotten worse, however in recent years it seems like no matter what I do, it doesn’t help much. I have tried several different ways to treat it and I have done exactly what my doctor has recommended.

I have been on arthritis medications. These have helped a little bit, but it seems like as time goes on, they aren’t helping as much. They also aren’t helping the arthritis and are not stopping it from progressing.

I have also tried exercise to help with arthritis. This hasn’t helped much and seems like it causes aggravation in the areas I have arthritis. I have tried specific and targeted exercise that was given to me by a physical therapist to try. They told me these exercises can help. It just doesn’t seem like they are helping like they should.

I have discussed different medications with my doctor and other options I have. I am lucky to have such an understanding doctor that doesn’t just see me as complaining about the problem. My doctor wants to help me come up with a solution.

The last conversation I had with my doctor he mentioned a new type of therapy for arthritis. He said there is a new technology that can help. He started telling me about stem cell therapy for arthritis and how it can help. He let me know it’s in the early stages of development but that some people have had great luck using this type of therapy.

I wanted to learn more about it online from other people that have tried it. I started researching and learning how stem cell therapy for arthritis has helped other people in similar situations to mine. After reading about it, I decided it was something I wanted to give a try.

I called my doctor and let him know I researched this therapy and I wanted to give it a try. He told me Complete Pain Care is who I will need to contact or he can set up an appointment for me. He then gave me the website and said I can even get more information there.

I went to the Complete Pain Care website and learned a good bit of information from there. I have looked over the research that has been done and how it can help. I am going to make an appointment in the next few days so I can find out more information about how it works.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to research this therapy and how it has helped people and I am also going to find information about people that have had this therapy done at Complete Pain Care. I have read nothing but good things this far and that is great. It gives me hope that my arthritis will get better and I will not be in as much pain all the time.