Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

October 4, 2016
Morton's Neuroma Pain

Morton’s Neuroma Pain

What Is Neuroma?

A neuroma, commonly known as a pinched nerve, is caused by a non-cancerous, abnormal thickening of tissue that is usually found between the 3rd and 4th toes but can also be found between other toes. Symptoms include numbness and swelling accompanied by burning pain in the ball and front part of the foot. As the nerve that runs from the forefoot to the toes becomes swollen it becomes painful to place weight on the foot. Running, walking and wearing narrow or high-heeled shoes can increase the pain.

Morton’s Neuroma causes sharp burning pain in the ball and forefront of the foot that becomes worse when walking. People with Morton’s Neuroma describe it as feeling like a stone or small marble that causes great discomfort when standing or walking.

Do You Have Morton’s Neuroma?

If you have been experiencing severe pain in the ball or forefront of the foot for more than a month it may be necessary to visit a neuroma clinic for a physical examination. A physician will apply pressure to the bottom of the foot and the toes to determine the level of pain. Several other factors such as arthritis, inflammation and a stress fracture can be ruled out during the examination and an X-ray may be required to rule out any other causes.

What Causes Foot Neuromas?

Contributing factors that cause the formation of a neuroma of the foot include: