McLeish Orlando Injury Lawyers Helped Me

September 12, 2016
McLeish Orlando

McLeish Orlando

I was driving about 6 months ago, when a car came screeching around a turn and hit me head on. I didn’t see them coming when they hit me and I didn’t have any time to get off the road. The accident happened so quickly. I had to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance and had to stay overnight for a few nights. This meant I had to miss work, but I’m just glad my injuries weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been and I was still alive.

A few weeks after the accident happened, I tried to contact the insurance company of the driver that was at fault. I called a few different times and had no luck getting ahold of anyone. This wasn’t good because I needed to get a new car since mine was totaled and I needed to talk to them about getting my medical bills paid.

I really wasn’t sure what to do so I started looking at my options. The only option I really had was to start looking for injury lawyers to help me. I needed to get this stuff taken care of and quickly. I started reading about different law firms in the area that handle car accident cases. I found a few of them and read reviews about them. After looking at some of the reviews about different lawyers, I decided to give McLeish Orlando a call. I was able to talk to a lawyer when I called in and they told me what information I would need in order to get a free consultation. I asked them if I could make an appointment with them and I would gather up my information and paperwork in the meantime. The lawyer I talked to scheduled me an appointment for the next day. I was able to find all the information I needed for my consultation with them.

After talking to them for about 10 minutes and them telling me how they could help me, I decided to hire them. I gave them my paperwork and they said they would take any other paperwork I receive about anything pertaining to the accident. I received a few more things in the mail and gave it to my lawyer. Since I wasn’t in physical therapy and I didn’t expect to incur any other medical expenses from this accident, the lawyer told me he would be able to settle my case quickly.

Within just a few months the injury lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to get my case settled with the insurance company. Not only did they help me get the money from my car being totaled, but also for the medical bills and pain and suffering. I am glad I chose to hire them as the law firm to represent me for this car accident. They did a great job and handled everything quickly. I thought for sure it would take alot longer than what it took them.