4 Clever Ways To Propose At An Italian Restaurant!

September 14, 2016
Cibo Wine Bar

Cibo Wine Bar

If you’re ready for the next step in your relationship, it’s time to make a splash with your proposal. Perhaps the most timeless and romantic way to propose is at an Italian restaurant of your choosing! With plenty to eat and some of the best wine that’s served in your locale, a restaurant such as Cibo Wine Bar can help you overcome jitters and set you on the right path as a couple. Before you hide your ring in a piece of dessert or even outright get denied in public, consider some of the clever ideas for your proposal below!

1. Plan Ahead

High-end Italian restaurants will usually require reservations ahead of time. Make sure to plan ahead properly and cover all of your bases when getting ready to propose. Let the restaurant know of your intentions and ask if they offer any specific amenities for a planned proposal. Some restaurants may even help you plan the entire ordeal, so it’s well worth considering all of your options and choose a restaurant that’s onboard with your plans.

2. Get Custom Pottery

Many custom pottery painting stores exist where you can easily paint your own plates. Create a special proposal plate with “Will you marry me” in the middle. Make sure to speak to a restaurant manager and get their okay for you to give your custom plate to your waiter. When your intended orders her food, it will be placed on the plate. As she slowly eats her dinner, the words will become clear and you can get the answer to your question.

3. The Ring And Bill

You don’t necessarily need to propose marriage during your dinner as you can cleverly suggest your intentions after you’ve finished eating. Ask your waiter if it’s okay to place the engagement ring inside of the bill envelope or on the bill plate. Make certain to ask your intended to pay the bill for the night even if this isn’t normal for you as a couple. As she reaches for the bill, she will also receive your ring.

4. Make It A Menu

Depending on the restaurant of your choosing, make certain to inquire if they print their own menus on a daily basis. Restaurants that offer specials will often reprint menus regularly to accommodate new foods. Ask the restaurant to include your marriage proposal cleverly hidden among the menu items. As your girlfriend reads the list, she will also find an additional item she wasn’t expecting.

**Note that not all restaurants will do this for you, and if that’s not the case, print the menu yourself and ask to bring it in.

Restaurants such as Cibo Wine Bar offer the perfect setting for an honest and heartfelt marriage proposal. Not only is it romantic to propose at a restaurant, it’s a traditional way to show your love. With fine wine and great dining, you can remove some of the anxiety associated with the event!