Consider These 5 Places To Have A Birthday Party

December 14, 2017

Typically, when you’re charged with putting together a birthday party or similar celebration for someone, you’re doing it for a family member or friend. Having said that, you might also arrange one for a coworker or professional colleague in some circumstances. Choosing where to hold it is a big decision, which is just one of your many choices that will also include the actual date and time, who to invite, and what the budget is. If you’re not sure of where you might throw your celebration, keep reading this article to learn 5 places to have a birthday party.

1) A restaurant: This is a conventional place to have a birthday party, but a convenient one. Food, beverage, and seating are always available. Reserving a private room does give you peace and privacy.

2) An amusement park: For events with families or kids with lots of friends, this might work out. However, kids that don’t know each other might wind up alone as packs break off to do rides on their own unless you force everyone to stick together.

3) A skating rink: Whether it’s ice skating or just roller skating, this has been a go-to for birthday bashes for quite some time. It’s a fun chance for some to do something they rarely get to do, although those not confident or comfortable enough might have a hard time finding something to do.

4) Laser Quest: Depending on the ages and generations coming to the party, this might be something truly spectacular. It’s mildly athletic, but that can be a great chance for folks to have some active fun. Most Laser Quest locations have an indoor maze with competitive elements involving harmless lasers participants use along with immersive lighting, energetic music, random fog, and a serious entertainment. Pizza and beverages are available with a number of different birthday packages. Modern kids love these kinds of afternoons or evenings, and even many modern adults might remember the early laser tag toys of the 1980s from their own childhoods. Visit to see if one is in your community.

5) A park: A birthday picnic in the park lets people spread out, walk around, enjoy nature and sunshine, and possibly even get a game of frisbee, football, or soccer going. On the other hand, it’s impossible to control the weather, which is a risk when you’re scheduling something in advance.

6) Someone’s home: This might not happen for a coworker, unless you’re the boss and inviting the whole staff with the excuse. Of course, if you don’t celebrate everyone’s birthdays, there could be jealousy issues. On the other hand, if you’re doing it for friends or family, you’re likely looking at a low-key affair and you’ll have parking restrictions on how many guests you can have.

Having read this article, you now know 5 places to have a birthday party for your friend, loved one, or professional acquaintance. Each option has its own perks and benefits, so try to consider what both the birthday person and those in attendance might find fun to do.